Post-it Love

Review from 13/1/17

Post-it Love shows a romance between two office workers who overcome their shyness by creating increasingly complex artworks out of sticky notes. The film opens by showing the two characters working at photocopiers, divided by a thin wall. This immediately establishes the office setting and shows how they feel separated from each other. However, the synchronisation of their movements makes it clear that they are intended to be together.

The film contains no dialogue, instead using recorder music to show the innocence and simplicity of the characters. This also adds to the importance of the visuals to the story which is particularly focused around the pictures they make. These are also reflected by the use of bright colours throughout the film, contrasting with the usual dull image of an office.

Camera movement is smooth, using dolly tracks to maintain the simplicity of the film. Tracking shots are used at the beginning (to reveal the man at the photocopier next to her) and at the end (to show her shock). These combine to help show the woman’s emotions which are far more important than dialogue in telling this story.

Overall, the film is effective in creating a bright, cheerful story with characters who find a way to show their love for each other and make their monotonous work happier. However, there is little tension other than his wait to see her approval.


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