Independent Project Introduction

My group was full of creative and inspired ideas for this project but we eventually settled on a short film using shadows to explore the loss of a partner. Our main inspiration is from the album cover of NoMBe’s ‘Wait’.DYLTS-NoMBE-Wait.jpg

We plan to use this idea of shadows acting differently to include the shadow of an absent partner and to emphasise the difference in the protagonist’s mood. We also plan to use timelapse effects and soft focus to show the protagonist’s isolation.

The main challenge of this project will be the technical effect of creating the shadows. One option is to have actors and lights behind the camera providing seperate shadows (although this makes it hard to light the actors in front of the camera properly). Another option is to combine two shots in After Effects. We are also considering using a projector or making shadows on a screen behind the actors.

It will also be a challenge containing our ideas into three minutes. We will need to be very self-critical of our film’s structure, cutting out any unnecessary scenes so the film’s pacing is not rushed.

Our next steps are to create a detailed storyboard then analyse and rework the narrative. We should also begin experimenting with different methods of creating the shadow and timelapse effects.

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