Taster Film

Our taster film was challenging, particularly due to our group’s lack of a clear vision – as some of the less-confident people in the class, our group ended up being three people who had not found projects yet, rather than being focused around an existing idea. In addition I found communication between certain members of our group somewhat challenging.

I wrote the script, based on Kaitlyn’s initial idea, and directed photography. I saw these as both major roles so was expecting more creative input from our director with regard to the overall stylistic approach of the film. Without the clear vision present in other groups, I struggled to find a starting point for my research and inspiration. Having said this, I also accept that I did not put enough effort into developing the film.

We received quite harsh feedback in the presentation, particularly due to our lack of a moodboard or visual presentation. We were told that it did not seem like we were invested in the project or particularly wanted it to be made. I feel this was justified but could have been presented in a more constructive manner.

Going forward, I will be producing another film for my final project. I am excited about trying this new role and developing this group’s strong visual approach.

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