Our post-production phase was also successful and largely stress-free.

There was some debate between our director and editor about inclusion of a shot of two extras’ reactions. The director argued that it was important for the film’s comedic tone while the editor thought the shot was jarring and broke up the continuity. I helped mediate and facilitate this discussion, exploring the different possible options and eventually settling on the decision to keep the shot in. This debate raised an issue which could have been resolved on-set by paying closer attention to the shot list and blocking to ensure there was enough material to edit. However, this was the only such issue we experienced and all our other shots edited together well.

Although I did facilitate some positive discussion, the working relationship between the editor and director did feel quite tense at times. To improve on this in the future I would try and be present for more of the earlier edit sessions to attempt to de-escalate any conflicts that appeared to be emerging.

The edit finished on schedule, allowing time for the colour grade and sound edit. Alanah from the Napier sound design course (who our director and DoP had previously worked with) did sound edit, allowing for detailed sound design which reinforced our surreal and comedic visuals.

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