Our production ran smoothly and to schedule apart from a slightly late start on the first day due to rush hour traffic.

I took on the role of sound recordist for the shoot as it was hard to find anyone in our year who is interested in that role and people from other years haven’t been trained to use the MixPre3 recorders. I was very pleased by the results as this was my first time as a location recordist and I enjoyed learning the new skills for this role.

Creatively, the production design, cinematography and extras were all well thought-out, allowing for a fast turnaround between shots and ensuring we got all the footage we needed. However, there are still instances where this could have been improved, particularly the shot of two extras’ reactions which was not previsualised properly and created issues in the edit.

We had a friendly and relaxed on-set atmosphere, partly a result of our well-selected crew and this module’s less-restrictive time constraints. I supported two reliable and organised ADs to ensure the shoot ran so smoothly.

Behind-the-scenes photos:


Evidence of my top-quality on-set catering:

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