Week 1: 13/1/20 – 19/1/20

Film Project:

This week we were given our brief and began brainstorming ideas and forming groups. I will be working with Jude and Andrew on a project which shows a child creating a cityscape within his own mind. We haven’t yet met to discuss ideas yet but I already have a few ideas for locations (a block of flats in Leith) and a contained, stage-like framing style for parts of the film. Hopefully I’ll get a better idea of what they’re looking for on Monday but for now I’m very excited to be a DP on a fiction film again!

Work Related Learning:

This week we were given an introduction to the placement application process through the university. I spent a while over the week looking through the various options provided by the uni and researching a few other production houses in Edinburgh and Glasgow which interest me may be able to offer placements. A lot of smaller places seem to focus on commercial work which doesn’t interest me as much so hopefully I’ll be able to find somewhere with a more artistic or narrative focus.

I also made a list of industry professionals who could be good to interview – I will aim to draft an email and get in touch with them next week.

Dreams and Visions:

This week we were given a brief introduction and our first lecture which focused on the triple nature of dreams as cultural conventions, internal experiences and as a product of the methods we use to convey these experiences. We chose seminar topics and, although I would have liked to look at Yuri Norstein, I’m sure I will find plenty of interesting information about Andrei Tarkovsky. I still need to properly look through the readings for this week and next week and begin background research for my presentation.

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