Week 3: 27/1/20 – 2/2/20

Film Project:

I found it challenging to make progress with any of my projects this week and I have quite a lot of work to do before next week’s pitches.

City in the Dark hasn’t developed much although we have interest from a few directors. I have begun creating a moodboard and considering my plans for the cinematography. I particularly focused on ways to illustrate some of the script’s longer monologues, potentially using images playing through a TV screen.

Moonboy has undergone major script redevelopment but I have not been kept up to speed with this and I have struggled to arrange a meeting with the two lead creatives. I need to decide whether this is a project I want to focus my energy on as the collaborative process already seems quite strained.

Cones and Rod is progressing well with props, crew and essential kit (such as a crash mat) already falling into place. I still need to write my producer’s statement, schedule and budget but I am feeling confident about pitching this project on Monday.

Work Related Learning:

This week’s class focused on developing out CVs and cover letters. The workshop was very informative but I still need to give some more time to my CV before our personal tutorials on Tuesday. After the tutorial I will be able to begin applying to work placements.

I have also arranged a video call with Kit Fraser, a DoP who has worked on several short films and features, including Possum. I will be interviewing him on Thursday so before then, I aim to watch more of his work and refine my questions.

Dreams and Visions:

This week, we studied the concept of Folk Tales and Fairytales with a particular focus on Vladamir Propp’s list of conventions. 3 students gave seminars in which they presented examples of films which both comply with and contradict these conventions, challenging the perceived ‘purity’ of the Fairytale form in cinema. We also studied the importance of Fairytales as a culmination of societal dream-culture and childhood fantasy.

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