Week 4: 3/2/20 – 9/2/20

Film Project:

I spent most of this week focusing on pitch preparation and managed to make a lot of progress with all three of my groups.

For City in the Dark I developed a DoP statement with visual references and moodboards and worked with Kirsty to prepare the powerpoint and pitch. I also took some photos of buildings in the Old Town to give a sense of the film’s tone.

For Moonboy I supplied the cinematography components and finally met with Jude to make sure we were both on the same page. I’m feeling much more positive about this project, especially after seeing the well-designed pitch document.

Cones and Rod was already quite well prepared but we met to practice our pitch and finalise the powerpoint.

Work Related Learning:

This week we had CV tutorials instead of class. I got some good feedback but did not find time to make many changes as I was occupied with Film Project work. I was able to finalise my showreel which will help my placement applications.

On Thursday, I interviewed Kit Fraser for my case study. We talked for around an hour and I got a lot of useful information about navigating the present-day film industry as well as some cinematography tips, techniques and equipment.

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