Week 5: 10/2/20 – 16/2/20

Film Project:

Despite being extremely nervous about the pitches, I feel like I was able to present all three of my projects well and I feel a lot more confident about pitching future projects. A lot of this success came from preparation and a selection of strong visual references. I feel like the pitch for City in the Dark was slightly weaker due to our lack of key crew members.

As decisions were being made for most of this week, we were unable to make much further development but I now know that both Cones and Rod and Moonboy have been greenlit. I am very excited to be DoP on a fiction project again! Cones and Rod will begin casting next week, aiming to hold auditions on the week of the 24th. Once cast is confirmed, I will be able to lock down our shoot dates. For Moonboy I need to liaise with the writer and director to see what we should prioritise. We urgently need to find additional crew, especially a producer.

Work Related Learning:

I did not make as much progress as I had hoped to this week. I have completed and shared my showreel but I am still making finishing touches to my CV. I hope to complete this and send out applications on Monday.

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