Week 6: 17/2/20 – 23/2/20

Film Project:

Cones and Rod is progressing well although casting is taking slightly longer than expected. Myself and Emma are both very busy with 4th year films at the moment so we might be focusing less on this project for the next week or so. However, we are in a very good place with our main priorities being to finish casting, confirm the shot list and finalise our schedule.


Work Related Learning:

This week we attended a workshop from Mo who gave us some great advice for talking with employers and making sure we get what we want from our placements.

I also spent 7 hours working as an Assistant Editor for Sam Thomson on the 4th year film The Grief that Stole Christmas. My responsibilities included maintaining file structure integrity, organising footage into bins, synchronising footage and logging any slating errors. I was also tasked with creating sequences so that Sam could view the footage in a clear, linear fashion without distraction. This experience gave me a great insight into the role of an editor, particularly the technique of remaining detached from the filming process, viewing the footage objectively to construct the best possible narrative from the available material. I learned more about the role of an assistant editor in managing a post-production workflow, particularly the protocols for roundtripping between Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve – something I have been eager to learn for some time and which would be invaluable to my potential career path as a colourist. I may be assisting more with this workflow once picture lock is confirmed.

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