Week 7: 24/2/20 – 1/3/20

Work Related Learning:

This week, I gained experience on the set of the 4th year film The Removal as a stills and BTS videographer/photographer. I was responsible for capturing the on-set atmosphere to showcase the skills of the core creatives as well as providing production stills for the film’s promotional materials. By observing 4th year students in this way, I was able to learn a lot from their high level of professional practice, particularly noting the camera team’s communication, efficiency and clearly defined roles. I hope to apply this experience when I am working as a Camera Assistant on The Candidate in a few weeks. I spent 5 hours on set on Tuesday and _ hours on Sunday.

I also undertook a work experience placement on BBC Debate Night by Mentorn Television. I spent 9 hour on set and my responsibilities included moving scenery pieces and other production equipment, welcoming audience members and collecting question cards from the audience. This gave me experience on the set of a live broadcast, revealing the technical and formal differences between a short film production and a live television show, particularly the importance of rehearsal and running a smooth broadcast without the opportunity for retakes.

We were also given a tour of the broadcast vans, introducing me to professional equipment including video mixing desks and broadcast standard cameras and lighting. Although I don’t see myself working on this type of broadcast, the experience would be very useful when working on other productions such as TV dramas.

Both these experiences also presented invaluable networking opportunities, allowing me to connect with fellow students as well as television producers, technical production companies and freelance crew.

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