4 March – Moonboy Meeting

Today I met with Jude and our production designers Vin and Charissa to break down the script and discuss the practical needs of each department.

We mainly talked about the requirements for the cardboard rocket sets and I explained that there would be challenges in moving the camera around a tight, enclosed space. We eventually agreed on a modular design using removable cardboard panels. Vin and Charissa will go and translate this into some more detailed designs. We also proposed options for integrating lights into the control panels using backlit coloured gels or fairy lights. We agreed that the sets would need to be completed by 1st April.

Jude and I stayed and discussed the film’s blocking, analysing the tone of each scene and finding ways to portray this visually. I was very pleased with our progress and we ended the day with rough tramlines for whole script as well as some sketches of storyboards and floorplans. I will refine these over the next few weeks and combine this with blocking photos from a location recce to develop a detailed shot list.

Initial production design sketches
Initial blocking floorplans

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