Week 6: Initial Pitch and Visual Exercises

Much of the past week was spent preparing for our initial presentation which we recorded over Zoom. I put together a cinematography moodboard based on my discussions with Emma so far, drawing on a number of films which have contributed to my research. May of theses references have a strong earthy colour palette and a very dark image which somewhat conflicts with the lighter, pastel atmosphere of the overall presentation and other references such as Valerie and Her Week of Wonders. We will hopefully be able to condense this into a more consistent vision for the film before our final presentation.

Our group also spent some time this week developing our project management strategy. As Katriona will be producing two projects and many of our HoDs have some producing experiences, we decided that we could distribute some of the production tasks such as fundraising and scheduling amongst the crew. I was concerned that this could lead to some confusion and miscommunication about who was doing what so I researched a number of different cloud-based productivity and project management tools. I eventually settled on Asana which allows us to delegate and prioritise tasks and view them on a project timeline. Our approach will still require a lot of personal communication and discussion, but I hope this tool will allow us to keep everything organised and visible in one place.

As a creative exercise, myself and other cinematography students were asked to shoot a piece of fruit with 5 different lighting setups. I used this opportunity to test a number of techniques I have been considering for our project, including hard high-contrast lighting to simulate moonlight and create a dramatic, dynamic image, and techniques to simulate fire and candles (such as the effects modes on the Kinoflo Celebs). This was also an opportunity for me to become familiar with my new mirrorless camera which I plan to use on a gimbal for tracking shots during our test shoot (as current restrictions will make the large crew required to operate a dolly unfeasible). Through this exercise, I refamiliarised myself with basic lighting techniques and equipment after a long break from using them.

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