Week 7: Test Shoot Storyboarding

This week, I prepared storyboards in preparation for our test shoot. I broke down a short 1-page script Emma prepared for the test shoot and sketched storyboards of showing how I imagined the framing and camera movement. I used my experience from Moonboy last semester to quickly sketch rough drawings of my ideas – particularly useful at the moment when it is harder to visit locations and take blocking photos.

Once I had a first draft, I called Emma to talk through the storyboard. We both agreed it was quite complex, especially given the limited time we would have to shoot it, and decided to cut out a number of shots. We also discussed the fact that the cinematography should clearly reflect Valerie’s point of view, keeping the focus no her emotional journey, rather than a victim of Toby’s attack. With this in mind, I reworked the storyboard to a place that Emma and I are both very happy with. I’m excited to see it come to life next week!

I also continued my research into the feasibility of 16mm film, reading The Filmmaker’s Handbook by Ascher and Pincus and looking at different purchase options online. This confirmed that, to shoot our 10-minute film with a 6:1 shooting ratio would cost just over £1500. I’m aware that shooting 6:1 will be quite ambitious so we may need to adjust our budget to allow for more flexibility. In our test shoot, we will attempt to shoot as carefully as possible, hopefully giving us a sense of the lowest shooting ratio we feel we will be able to achieve.

This week, we also scouted two additional locations in Portobello. These both fitted well with our aesthetic intentions for the film but had other issues such as limited space and traffic noise. For our test shoot, we have decided to use the Gorebridge location as it closely matched our vision for the film and was large enough to accommodate crew with social distancing.

Potential locations in Portobello

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