Week 13: Pitch Feedback & Next Steps

Overall, I was pleased with the feedback we received on our presentation, though there was also a clear sense that we need to further refine our visual style and justify some of our creative choices through further testing. It was also noted that there was a disconnect between the darker tone of our visual references and moodboards and the lighter background and colour palette of the presentation slides. Our references at times also showed contradictory styles, though our taster film was somewhat able to show a more unified approach. A particular area of concern was how the nightmare elements would interact with the more emotive scenes and how they would be placed within the wider film to achieve a balance between distinction and visual and narrative consistency. There were also some comments about our 16mm feasibility research, suggesting that we may need to reconsider the shooting ratios we had budgeted for.

Moving forward, I feel Emma, Kaitlyn and I need to discuss and confirm a consistent aesthetic for the film as soon as possible. This will allow us to further develop our specialist areas while maintaining a unified approach. I will combine this agreed style with further technical learning, to plan and carry out a series of further camera and lighting tests in January. This will also allow me to begin working with a larger camera crew and finalise my decisions regarding camera and shooting format. I have created a test plan which aims to cover these various aspects. By March, when we plan to shoot, I hope to have carried out tests to the point where we have a clearly defined style and feel confident in the methods and equipment needed to create this on location.

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