Week 2: More Meetings…

This week we met again as a group on 31st January. Prior to the meeting, as suggested by Paul, I had looked through Emma’s current draft of the script and made annotations based on my current cinematography ideas. This was helpful to look through as a group and allowed me to show a fairly consistent approach based on my current ideas. However, I feel like Emma is planning quite a few major changes and many of my comments and visual references may lose relevance as the script is developed. Hopefully these annotations will still be useful going forward in providing a framework for Emma and I to discuss our evolving ideas. Currently, it feels like the script is heading in a lot of different directions and could do with finding more of a clear focus. One idea could be exploring female sexuality after trauma?

We also discussed some more practical considerations such as fundraising and finding locations – a particular challenge as COVID restrictions are limiting the interior options available to us. We also discussed the implications of COVID for the project and decided to continue planning for the film to be shot sometime this spring and save contingency projects (such as the animation) for if and when they’re needed. Scheduling was also mentioned and we agreed that we would rather shoot later in the class schedule as we still have quite a lot of development work to do.

This week it has felt a bit difficult to keep up momentum on the project, particularly with many team members working on multiple films. I have felt a bit frustrated by the slow progress of the script and have been struggling to latch onto a clear visual style as ideas and the overall tone keep shifting. I have also had to support Emma quite a lot in developing the script, particularly as it deals with heavy topics.

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