Week 8: Social media and logistics

This week I spent a lot of my time working on finalising the 1 Page Pitch and visual style for our social media launch. I also contacted a number of locations and rental houses as part of the shared producing approach that we had agreed with Katriona. This did mean that I didn’t have as much time to focus on cinematography but we have made some good progress and I feel more confident now that we have the 1 Page Pitch.

The idea behind this new pitch document was to consolidate the new ideas that Emma and I have been working on over the past few months. As the story and visual style have undergone some quite major changes since our assessed pitch, we needed a document that was up-to-date and could be used to inform people about the film. We also used the process of creating this document to narrow down our ideas and come up with a consistent design scheme which Meg, our social media manager, could draw off. We have now launched our social media accounts and I feel there is a reasonable level of consistency between the designs and our new moodboards.

The decision to shoot handheld has introduced a number of new issues, particularly the need for a high-quality, compact camera such as an Alexa Mini and ideally some kind of support such as an Easyrig. I sent emails to a number of rental houses in the central belt, asking whether they might be able to help us by supplying some equipment at a reduced rate. Those that replied said they were facing a lot of demand due to productions restarting after lockdown so probably wouldn’t be able to help. We may have to consider whether we can rent equipment once we know what our final budget is, but it was good to make contact with rental houses and see what they can offer.

I also contacted a number of potential locations, including community centre bathrooms and outdoor spaces with field and forest areas. I also contacted a few airbnb owners with properties that could work for the bedroom and party scenes. I have arranged a few recces over the next two weeks – I now have a large spreadsheet full of options so I’m confident we will find places that work (even if it takes a bit of searching!).

I was unable to complete a camera exercise this fortnight but I did read an informative article in American Cinematographer about approaches to breaking down a script with a director. You can read my blog about it here.

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