Week 9: Recces and tutorials

On Monday 15th March, we had another group meeting. We discussed making a short video for our crowdfunder page, with the aim of launching our campaign on the 26th March. We also talked through the new moodboards and discussed casting, budgets and Emma’s progress with the script.

On Wednesday 17th, I helped out as a Loader on some shoots with the MfA programme. This was a good opportunity to build my on-set confidence and make some connections with students on that programme.

On the 19th, Emma joined me for my camera tutorial with Andrew. We all felt this would be helpful to build Emma’s technical confidence and explain some of the concepts relevant out our film and our current approach – focal length/long lenses, exposure and contrast. This was a helpful meeting and I feel like we are now more on the same page and able to explain our ideas to each other more clearly and concisely. We also scouted one of the Airbnb properties I had contacted last week. Unfortunately, it was quite out of the way and too small for our needs. Nonetheless, it was good to get the ball rolling with location scouting and encouraged us to consider a few important issues such as parking and power supplies for outdoor locations.

On Saturday 20th, I scouted some bathrooms at a community centre in Portobello. They had recently been renovated so looked a bit too nice for the grotty high school bathrooms in the script! The building manager was very friendly and encouraging though so these might work as a backup location if our other options fall through.

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