Week 13: Recces and tech learning

On Monday 12th April, Emma, Kaitlyn and I visited a number of potential locations for the field scene including a farm at Harlaw, Bonaly Scout Camp and Wiston Lodge. Though all these locations had their merits, Harlaw and Wiston both had restrictions on where we could go and limited directions we could shoot in. Wiston was also quite far to travel and indoor space/bathroom facilities would have been complicated. Bonaly seems quite promising but very hilly. This could work to our benefit though as it allows us to show a wide, open space with a view of the city. It also has a range of different-looking spaces quite close to each other – more open grassy fields and forests with a variety of trees and denseness. Bonaly could also give us access to an interior space with toilets and a small kitchen and has already been working with students from our class for The Hollow Men.

On these recces, Emma and I took the opportunity to work out the blocking for some scenes and take photos which can be used for storyboarding. I still feel a bit unsure about the field scene at Bonaly as the hilltop location does restrict blocking somewhat, but we are definitely closer to figuring it out! This week, Emma and I further discussed the script breakdowns and developed the shot list to match the latest script draft (though there were not many major changes). On the 17th we had another meeting to discuss blocking in the field and party scenes and begin developing floorplans.

On the 18th, we visited the house location and were able to find spaces that would work well for the bedroom and hallway scenes – though the bedroom is currently used for storage so will require a fair amount of work to clear and set dress. We managed to get a good number of blocking photos for the hallway scene – I will compile these into a full storyboard over the next week.

I also spent some time this week building my technical skills. I took some time to look at ShotPut pro – widely used offload and verification software which will be a crucial skill for me as I plan to look for data wrangling/DIT roles after graduating. After familiarising myself with the software, I met with Michael to do an offload test and go through our post-production workflow. We plan to offload the footage to 3 drives for redundancy then each keep at least one drive to use for the picture edit and colour grade respectively. As we are both now familiar with ShotPut pro, we will both be able to conduct on-set backups if need-be. I also familiarised myself with ‘Set a light’ – a virtual photography studio which could help me improve my lighting skills and test out ideas before applying them on set.

I also prepared and labelled 2 of the footage offload drives (Michael had drive A)

On the 16th, I met with our sound recordist Tom as he had only used a Sound Devices MixPre recorder once before. As our sound designer is more focused on the post-production side of the project, I gave him a quick lesson with the MixPre 10T as well as setting up and pairing lav mics.

Getting Started with set.a.light 3D STUDIO | English - YouTube
Set a Light 3D software

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