Shoot part 2: Field scenes

On 2nd May, we shot all the scenes at the ‘field’ (now a hilltop). This was our first exterior shoot day and we were mainly very luck with the weather, apart from some clouds affecting lighting continuity. In the morning, the HoDs arrived at the house and loaded equipment – we took everything to a secure building at Bonaly Scout Camp which will act as our base for the rest of the shoot. The rest of the crew arrived at 12:00 to set up and carry equipment up the hill. This was quite a task but we managed to keep kit to a minimum and we had enough people to make it work.

The shoot itself was quite challenging and Emma and I both struggled with the lack of a blocking rehearsal in the space. As with the previous day there was a lack of communication about what the content of each shot would be, with some shots running over multiple scenes in the script. I found this quite confusing and could have done with more input from Michael (as script supervisor) and our AD about what we need to cover in each shot. In the end, I think we ended up stuck somewhere between our original plan and what was actually working in the location we had chosen. We really should have done an additional recce with more people to nail down the blocking.

I feel like this confusion did have an impact on the quality of the scene as it became hard to adapt some shots (particularly the mid of Lauren and Bailey) to fit the new blocking. Nonetheless, I am happy with many aspects of this scene and feel like I am getting more confident shooting handheld and using the Easyrig.

For tomorrow, Emma and I will try and make sure we are more on the same page and I will try and pay more attention to cast blocking, making sure their positions will still work for shots later in the schedule.

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