The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner

In his distinctively present yet unobtrusive style, Herzog examines the mind of a ski-flyer in shock at his sudden record-breaking success. The film has a deceptively small scope, spanning only a few days and running under an hour. However, within this time we are shown Steiner's conflicting emotions. Although the main point of tension is... Continue Reading →

All is Lost

Review from 3/1/17 A distinctive survival drama showing one man’s perseverance against an antagonistic sea, All is Lost is an experimental and at times beautiful film which is sadly let down in some crucial areas. Chandor has taken themes of survival and disaster from his earlier thriller Margin Call, distilling these down to a minimalist... Continue Reading →

Touching the Void

Essay from 9/1/17 Showing the personal tragedy of a near-death experience, Touching the Void, directed by Kevin MacDonald, is a documentary film which uses re-enacted scenes narrated by interviews to show an engaging true story. It shows the physical and emotional struggles of Joe Simpson who is left for dead by his climbing partner Simon... Continue Reading →

Run Lola Run

Essay from 9/1/17 Intense and fast-paced, Run Lola Run, directed by Tom Tykwer, is a mind-bending German thriller which follows three possible outcomes of Lola’s attempt to save her boyfriend Manni. In each narrative, the smallest decisions have huge life or death consequences. Despite being under 90 minutes, the film gives a high level of... Continue Reading →

Cloud Atlas

Review from 10/12/16 Initially confusing but ultimately an epic adventure through time, Cloud Atlas immerses the viewer in the lives of six seemingly unconnected characters to create a unique experience woven from the strands of several stories. It is perhaps best described as a compendium of individual but loosely linked films, each telling a fast-paced... Continue Reading →

Post-it Love

Review from 13/1/17 Post-it Love shows a romance between two office workers who overcome their shyness by creating increasingly complex artworks out of sticky notes. The film opens by showing the two characters working at photocopiers, divided by a thin wall. This immediately establishes the office setting and shows how they feel separated from each... Continue Reading →

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