Wee Wild Flowers

Wee Wild Flowers (2021)Director of PhotographyProcessing a recent sexual trauma, Valerie must navigate life as a rape survivor as she and her friends try to reconcile their own feelings of guilt.Director: @emma.malins Available soon

Week 12: Fort Tom and script analysis

As our shoot date is drawing closer, I decided to start breaking down the current draft of the script. I followed the advice in the American Cinematographer article, reading through the script multiple times, noting changes in mood, narrative perspective and any practical challenges. I then made rough tramlines outlining my approach to coverage for... Continue Reading →

Week 11: Straw in the Wind

This week, I spent most of my time working in one of my secondary roles as a loader and gaffer on Straw in the Wind. This was an exciting shoot with a very talented crew and it was great to be a part of and watch the story come together. After the shoot with the... Continue Reading →

Crit and Feedback

Overall, the feedback we received about our film was very positive and it was great to see the rest of the class appreciating the film’s humour. The tutors were impressed with how well our film had developed from the taster and managed to address a potentially controversial topic sensitively. Although it can be hard to... Continue Reading →


1st Year independent project. Fading uses shadow effects to show a woman grieving the loss of her partner.

Case 00243

I was DoP for this 1st Year dialogue project. 2 Police officers struggle to deal with a case which has affected them personally.

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