Moonboy Inspiration and Industry Experience

I spent a lot of time this semester researching the film industry and professional practice within the camera department. This has informed my preparation for Moonboy in both my technical course of action and the crew members I have been looking for. I attended a lecture by NFTS Scotland which focused on finding your first... Continue Reading →

4 March – Moonboy Meeting

Today I met with Jude and our production designers Vin and Charissa to break down the script and discuss the practical needs of each department. We mainly talked about the requirements for the cardboard rocket sets and I explained that there would be challenges in moving the camera around a tight, enclosed space. We eventually... Continue Reading →

Week 7: 24/2/20 – 1/3/20

Work Related Learning: This week, I gained experience on the set of the 4th year film The Removal as a stills and BTS videographer/photographer. I was responsible for capturing the on-set atmosphere to showcase the skills of the core creatives as well as providing production stills for the film’s promotional materials. By observing 4th year... Continue Reading →

Week 6: 17/2/20 – 23/2/20

Film Project: Cones and Rod is progressing well although casting is taking slightly longer than expected. Myself and Emma are both very busy with 4th year films at the moment so we might be focusing less on this project for the next week or so. However, we are in a very good place with our... Continue Reading →

Week 5: 10/2/20 – 16/2/20

Film Project: Despite being extremely nervous about the pitches, I feel like I was able to present all three of my projects well and I feel a lot more confident about pitching future projects. A lot of this success came from preparation and a selection of strong visual references. I feel like the pitch for... Continue Reading →

Week 4: 3/2/20 – 9/2/20

Film Project: I spent most of this week focusing on pitch preparation and managed to make a lot of progress with all three of my groups. For City in the Dark I developed a DoP statement with visual references and moodboards and worked with Kirsty to prepare the powerpoint and pitch. I also took some... Continue Reading →

Week 3: 27/1/20 – 2/2/20

Film Project: I found it challenging to make progress with any of my projects this week and I have quite a lot of work to do before next week's pitches. City in the Dark hasn't developed much although we have interest from a few directors. I have begun creating a moodboard and considering my plans... Continue Reading →

Week 2: 20/1/20 – 26/1/20

Film Project: I have joined two more groups with their pitching process. Firstly, I am developing Kirsty's script idea which is a surprisingly personal dialogue piece based on the large-scale premise of the Edinburgh vaults collapsing. I think this script has a lot of potential and we have talked through a few visual ideas. Next... Continue Reading →

Week 1: 13/1/20 – 19/1/20

Film Project: This week we were given our brief and began brainstorming ideas and forming groups. I will be working with Jude and Andrew on a project which shows a child creating a cityscape within his own mind. We haven't yet met to discuss ideas yet but I already have a few ideas for locations... Continue Reading →

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